Adult emotional and mental health

The team are all experienced in working with adults who are experiencing difficulties with their emotional and/or ‘physical health.’ We usually work with adults on their own but sometimes also work with couples or families.

We will first meet with you for as assessment session to consider what is troubling you. During this session we will aim to develop a broad understanding of your difficulties, your life and what your hopes for the future. At the end of the assessment we will think with you about how therapy might help you and, with your feedback, make recommendations for either therapy or an alternative approach.

We use therapeutic approaches in line with the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). See ‘Treatment.’

Children and Families

The team are all experienced in working with children, teenagers and their family to help with a broad range of emotional and/or physical issues. We also carry out Developmental Assessments and provide input via Schools.

When meeting with families for a first assessment, we usually like to spend some of the time with the child and parents together and some individual time with the child and parents. However, this depends on your child’s age, preferences and the situation. We are always flexible and open to what is best for the family. At the end of the assessment we will recommend a treatment plan, which may involve individual work with your child, parenting sessions to give you techniques to help your child, a combination of this or family work. We help children from infancy to adolescence.

All of our clinicians are trained to work across the age span. So one therapist may work with your child whilst another gives advice to you as a parent, ensuring close communication and the most effective intervention for your family.

Common issues which we help children and families with include: